June 2017

Letting there be light

What do you notice when you walk into a house or room for the first time?  The colour, the furniture, how clean (or not) it is?  That might be what you are thinking, but you are also picking up information about how warm or welcoming the place feels, and if it is uplifting or depressing.  The wrong lighting can have a negative visual impact and affects your mood, your ability to carry out tasks and your sense of well-being. And yet, it is so often overlooked by landlords and householders.

sitting room

There is a vast array of lighting available to suit every taste and budget. Lights can provide a real wow factor at a fraction of the cost of redecorating or restyling and with the latest systems and technology, the running and maintenance cost savings can be significant.  Lights add style and personality to a property, enhancing its appeal and helping prospective tenants to see themselves living there. 

 Ceiling lights

Next time you walk into a room, look up.  What do your property’s lights say to you? We’ve put together five basic things to ask yourself:

  • Are your lights all the same colour white?  There are many different white tones; from a clinical cold shade to cool to warm white.  You may think you’re buying identical bulbs when they need replacing, but that’s not always the case.
  • If your bulbs are visible e.g. in chandeliers, pendants and side lights, are they the same shape and type of bulb? If you have more than one of any style of light the bulbs should be the same finish (clear glass, opalescent, frosted), the same watt rating and same style.


  • Do your lights give your room the right amount and spread of light? Spotlights and pendant lights are functional and often leave shadowy corners that can make your rooms look smaller and give the impression there is something to hide.
  • Do your lights suit the purpose of the room? There are recommended guidelines for lighting levels for different room use.  These light values ensure that rooms are fit for their purpose (e.g. task lighting in the kitchen) and can also influence a person’s impression of how the space could work for their lifestyle.
  • Are your lights an attractive feature or just there to do a job?  Downlighters are everywhere – and they are boring.  It’s a missed opportunity to add a touch of warmth, style or personality.  Do your lights show that any thought or care has been given to selecting them?  If your lights show no thought or effort, what does that imply for the rest of the property?

bathroom lighting

Go to a room where you feel happy, relaxed, motivated or that you just like being in… and look again at the lighting. 

Ira Blake

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