December 2019

12 Winter Warnings for Tenants and Landlords

With the coldest winter weather occurring in the early months of the year here are a few tips to help you avoid any problems when the weather is really cold.

  1. Make sure the gutters and downpipes have been cleared and check for any leaks to prevent damp and water damage

    Frozen gutters
  2. Pay attention to any leaking taps. Small problems like this can quickly lead to very big expensive problems
  3. Check that all pipes are properly lagged
  4. If the property is going to be empty for an extended period make sure the heating is left on
  5. Turn off outdoor taps in the winter and fit the stopcock with an isolator

    Frozen pipes

  6. Get up to scratch with your boiler and the manual and find out who to call in case of any issues
  7. On really cold days allow heated air a chance to circulate in the loft by opening the loft door or hatch.
  8. Bleed radiators and ensure they are all working properly. To find out how view this British Gas video
  9. Get to know your property and the most efficient and cost-effective ways of heating it. Every home is different

    Open fire

  10. If the property is going to be unoccupied, ensure that either you or your agent checks on it regularly
  11. If you discover a frozen pipe gently thaw it with hot water bottles or towels soaked in warm water but do not apply direct heat as this could crack the pipes
  12. If you have oil central heating, make sure that you have plenty of oil in the tank! 

Don’t forget that a tenant who fails to take proper precautions may be held liable for any damage caused to the property during cold weather.  Read your tenancy agreement to check for any measures that you must take during cold spells.

Lou Fletcher
Owner - Piccolo Property Services 

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